Jobs & Career Worldwide – Sourcing as a Services of HR Solutions GmbH

Jobs & Career Worldwide – Sourcing Services for IT professionals of HR Solutions GmbH


Your need – our solution!!! Over 8 years, we are in cooperation with national and international Companies in Central – and East Europe.For our client requirements we offer more than 50.000 IT specialists in our IT Network Platform.


Our services offer a fast access to IT resources with different qualifications and skill-sets for short-term, temporary and long-term requirements.

Service – Structure – Success is based on our Recruiting and Talent Management System for our call center to support the candidates, check availability, preferences, rates and further more information of freelancer. This allows us, to react very fast, efficiently and reliably to hire the right professional for our client requirements. Our clients appreciate our excellent cost-performance ratio.


Get access and join in the gigantic pool of highly qualified IT specialists in East Europe. Get in contact with us!



Growing international markets are forcing our customers to think about new sourcing models. We support our customers in this process and develop together with our customers new sourcing models and help them to hire the best fitting experts and employees.

Our bridgehead for the Balkan states is well experiencend about many years working for international customers. Main area of his work is the sourcing in the Balkan states.